I was using gimp-2.0 (on Windows) for the first time last night and
noticed a difference in the snap to guide handling compared to

I often use guides to constrain rectangular selections and when the
selection is across the full width or height of the image I will
increase the size of the window so there is some space around the image.
I will then click and start dragging in the space around the image, move
into and right over the image and to the extent I want to select in the
other dimension.  The selection snaps to the guide and displays its
marching ants outside the image, into the space around it.  When the
mouse button is released the selection shrinks so only the area within
the image itself is selected.

When I did this in gimp-2.0 last night I discovered that the snap to
guide now only works while the mouse pointer is actually over the image.
As I start the drag (outside the image) there is no snapping to the
guide.  When the mouse pointer moves over the image, snapping occurs,
but when the mouse pointer exits the other side of the image the
snapping stops again.  This means the one needs to work more precisely,
and slowly, to ensure that the selection extends right up to the image
without the mouse pointer actually exiting the image.

Is this perhaps something that is controlled by an option or is it a
change in behaviour in gimp-2.0?  If it is an intentional change in
behaviour, is there perhaps another way to make such a selection without
the need for the precision near the edges of the image?

Steve Crane
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