On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 10:24:55AM +0200, Steve Crane wrote:
> I was using gimp-2.0 (on Windows) for the first time last night and
> noticed a difference in the snap to guide handling compared to
> gimp-1.2.5.
> I often use guides to constrain rectangular selections and when the
> selection is across the full width or height of the image I will
> increase the size of the window so there is some space around the image.
> I will then click and start dragging in the space around the image, move
> into and right over the image and to the extent I want to select in the
> other dimension.  The selection snaps to the guide and displays its
> marching ants outside the image, into the space around it.  When the
> mouse button is released the selection shrinks so only the area within
> the image itself is selected.
one of the big differences between gimp-1.2 and this new thing is the
tool options dialog.  i had this same problem a while ago.  double click
on either the rectangular or elliptical tools and you will see an "auto
shrink selection" option that is the default behavior.

i suspect they put it there so we can still find some of the nice
gimp-1.2 users out that did not complain much and just used it.

i hope i understood the problem alright ...


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