ons 2004-04-07 klockan 21.33 skrev Khiraly:
> So Im interesting, where can I report my backtraces of coredumps?
> Which information would be include?
> And this is useful?(so you like if I report some backtrace in the
> future?)

Have you looked at the websites "Bugs" section to find this out? Because
there is a lot of different ways to do bug reports and many things are
explained there. 

> Example:
> I select the text tool. I go in the options, and select a font. But I
> have many, so I scroll down and look for others. Sometime it crash the
> gimp without any message.
> System: Debian SID, I have installed gimp from package.

Debian is using Sid for unstable releases. Which means that this can be
a bug in the package. Only developers should actually use Debian Sid
because it is unstable. And before doing a bug report try to get the
file from www.gimp.org and compile it to see if the same thing happens
when using the source.

Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-sector7-dot-nu>

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