Zhang Weiwu wrote:
For years I was told and tried and confirmed the alpha channel is not supported on IE with a simple <img src="">.

Recently I decide to convert all my gif pictures to png. I used GIMP, and (as expected) I lose transparency on IE.

But later I tried another tool, the gif2png by Eric Raymond, surprisingly the created png still can display transparent area on IE

I don't know the reason, can anyone brief me?

GIMP saves the PNG als a full RGBA image by default, IE can't handle this without hacks in the HTML file. gif2png converts to PNG without changing the mode (like ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick do, too).

Can we add an option to GIMP to let it create the png that is transparency-compatibile with IE?

The option is already there, you have to convert your image to indexed mode before saving.

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