some thngs are improved in 2.0 with respect to the handling 
of PostScript files, but some annoyances remain. Since my 
major use of Gimp is the refinement of PS images I thought 
I might list them.

1. When importing a PS file the default resolution is 100. I 
routinely scan and use images at 150. Once I change the 
resolution the new number persists for the session but the 
next sesson starts all over again with the default. 

2. Similarly, I always work in grayscale with PS files. The 
default is color. I can't change the default in any 
permanent way.

3. If i bring in a PS file, modify it in some way, and then 
just "save" the file what I save is the original unmodified 
file (or perhaps nothing at all?) If I hit "save as" then 
the modified file is saved, after some conversation.

4. The save PS defaults to 5 units of offset, x and y. I 
must zero these out individually.

5. I save PS files as EPS. The default is PS. I must change 
it on each run. 

6. The default unit of measurement is millimeters. I must 
convert it to inches on each run.  
If my changes could just be made persistent from run to run 
tht would be great. Or if I could have access to the module 
where the Postscript reading and writing takes place then 
perhaps I could change some defaults in the code. Can 
anyone suggest what that module's name is?
John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers

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