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Robert Reichel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Thanks for your help. Since I don't have any gtk-apps installed but
gimp, I don't have the ~/.gtkrc-2.0-tree. Please, can you go a bit
into detail how I can modify the gtkrc-file to point to the installed
theme? And where do I have to install the theme to. I've tried a lot
of things without results... And please remember, I don't have
DarwinPorts or s.t. like this installed. I have the Apple X11.app
installed and on this base the gimp.app.

There's a lot of documentation on GTK+ themes and google will certainly locate it for you. There's really nothing GIMP specific about this.

Ok, I've got it finally. Thanks.

There are three themes in the Preferences dialog? I know about "Small"
and "Default". What is the third?

The third one is named "OriginalDefault"

Looks like the packager of gimp.app modified the application then. He should have told us about this and he needs to make available these changes.

In the 2.0.0-4 there isn't the "OriginalDefault"-theme any more...



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