I recently "upgraded" to gimp 2.0.  After a bit of confusion, I finally
realized that gimp now stores its thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails rather
than in ./.xvpics.  This is an enormous annoyance for me, since I have
many CD's of images, all organized in directories with thumbs stored
in the respective .xvpics directories so that they don't have to be
regenerated each time a user pops the CD into their drive.

The new ~/.thumbnails setup is unacceptable for this use, since the
last thing I want is for every user to have to store hundreds of MB of
thumbnails of every image in their home directories.

I can use the "makexvpics" package to generate the .xvpics directories
in lieu of gimp, but that's only half the battle.

Is there any way to make gimp 2.0's "open file" dialog read the .xvpics
thumbnail if one exists, then fall back to the ~/.thumbnails version
if it's not there (or even vice versa)?  This seems like a logical
feature, given gimp's history of creating .xvpics directories.

If not, I'm gonna have to drop back to gimp v1 or switch to some other
package that still uses .xvpics thumbs.

                                -- Obi-Wan

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