Obi-Wan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I recently "upgraded" to gimp 2.0.  After a bit of confusion, I finally
> realized that gimp now stores its thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails rather
> than in ./.xvpics.  This is an enormous annoyance for me, since I have
> many CD's of images, all organized in directories with thumbs stored
> in the respective .xvpics directories so that they don't have to be
> regenerated each time a user pops the CD into their drive.
> The new ~/.thumbnails setup is unacceptable for this use, since the
> last thing I want is for every user to have to store hundreds of MB of
> thumbnails of every image in their home directories.

The thumbnail spec could easily be extended to support this. I've
already written the libgimpthumb API in a way that allows thumbnails
to be read from other places than ~/.thumbnails.

Now this is a good chance for you to contribute. Please make yourself
familiar with the thumbnail managing spec:


Then subscribe to the mailing-list ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) where
the specs are being discussed and bring up your issues with the spec.
See http://freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/xdg

I am perfectly willing to change thumbnail handling but only after the
spec has been changed. The spec isn't final yet and it shouldn't be a
problem to see it extended.

> Is there any way to make gimp 2.0's "open file" dialog read the .xvpics
> thumbnail if one exists, then fall back to the ~/.thumbnails version
> if it's not there (or even vice versa)?  This seems like a logical
> feature, given gimp's history of creating .xvpics directories.

No, there's no way. The .xvpics concept sucked and the quality of the
previews was unacceptable. So we dropped support for it.

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