Hi Trevor, 

Trevor Nightingale wrote:
> Question:
> How do I change the color of the sweat shirt from red to blue while maintaining 
> texture and shading ?

Colormap rotation might be what you're looking for - it takes a
part of the hue circle and maps it onto another part of the hue
circle. In your case, you would take all the reddish and
purply/orangy colours, and map that to an appropriate bluish part.
This is in Filters->Colors->Map->Colormap rotation

Alternatively, if you're sure that you want to change everything
in the selection, you can use the hue & saturation tool
(Layer->Colors->Hue & Saturation). The advantage of the colormap
rotation is taht if your selection is not perfect, it leaves
stuff outside the source section untouched. If you're lucky you
can use it without even making a selection at all.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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