Dear friends:

The Photoshop Techniques web site features the following spectacular FIRE 
image created by Greg Vander Houwen:

Please note the Photoshop and especially the MOV tutorial available on the 
page plus the detailed step-by-step instructions on this page (scroll down). 

The big question: Can this image be created in Gimp 1.2? I use Xandros 2.0, 
which has not yet upgraded to Gimp 2.0. So, to create this image I would have 
to use Gimp 1.2. From what I can see, the Gimp seems to offer just about 
everything that the Photoshop instructions require, but I am not sure, 
especially the Liquify filter. I am still a newbie in Photoshop/Gimp but I 
would very much like to create this image in Gimp instead of Photoshop. 

What do the Gimp experts say? Can it be done? Will the result be pretty much 
identical (or even better)?

Finally, I have been told by the Photoshop Techniques forum that the author, 
Greg, has permitted everyone copyright permission to use his tutorial to 
create this image (or any variants of it), and that any images thus created 
may also be used free of charge either for commercial or non-commercial 
purposes provided the user has recreated the image himself/herself.

All my thanks in advance.


Benjamin Sher

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