Benjamin Sher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The big question: Can this image be created in Gimp 1.2? I use
> Xandros 2.0, which has not yet upgraded to Gimp 2.0. So, to create
> this image I would have to use Gimp 1.2. From what I can see, the
> Gimp seems to offer just about everything that the Photoshop
> instructions require, but I am not sure, especially the Liquify
> filter. I am still a newbie in Photoshop/Gimp but I would very much
> like to create this image in Gimp instead of Photoshop.

See these links for a tutorial on doing a fire effect with GIMP:


Here's a script to generate an animated version:


> What do the Gimp experts say? Can it be done? Will the result be
> pretty much identical (or even better)?

Why don't you just try it?

> Finally, I have been told by the Photoshop Techniques forum that the
> author, Greg, has permitted everyone copyright permission to use his
> tutorial to create this image (or any variants of it), and that any
> images thus created may also be used free of charge either for
> commercial or non-commercial purposes provided the user has
> recreated the image himself/herself.

I don't think that a tutorial author could try to claim any rights on
images that are created based on the tutorial, so you won't need this
permission anyway.


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