Valmor de Almeida wrote:
Hello List,

Some raw image data from a x-ray CT scan come out
in an unfamiliar format to me. The file name with
extension is filename.ct. Is it possible to read
the data directly with GIMP? If not, would it be possible to write a module in GIMP for it? if so,
how would I go about doing writing it?

Which CT scanner did you use? Many CT scanners have propriatary formats (especially old ones). New scanners use a format called DICOM. You can get tools for reading dicom (and some propriatary formats) from
If it isn't there, you can try the FAQ for alt.image.medical which can be found at:
which will describe how to read many propriatary medical image formats.

If it still isn't there, you can try NIHImage (which only runs on macs) or ScionImage (a port of NIHImage for windows).

If you are still desperate, most medical image formats store their data at the end of the file, so seek to the end of the file, guess your matrix size, try reading the data, and displaying it on the screen. If you are lucky, it will work. When guessing, even powers of 2 are common matrix sizes (aka, 256x256, 128x128) and the storage size is usually 8 or 16 bits per pixel monochrome, and little-endian and big-endian are both common.

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