Valmor de Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Some raw image data from a x-ray CT scan come out in an unfamiliar
> format to me. The file name with extension is filename.ct. Is it
> possible to read the data directly with GIMP?

Well, did you try? I am not aware of a plug-in that reads this but you
might just try it out. Perhaps it's just a standard format with an
obscure file extension.

> If not, would it be possible to write a module in GIMP for it? if
> so, how would I go about doing writing it?

If you have documentation about the file format, you can of course
write a GIMP plug-in for it. Have a look at one of the dozens of file
plug-ins that come with the GIMP source code. You might also find the
information at http://developer.gimp.org/ helpful.

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