Hi all,

Kontact is just great so far, KDE is really coming along wonderfully!! :-)

In Kontact I want to set up a weather thingy in the Summary area and I have
NO idea what to do to get an address to put in the set up area.  I live in
Belmont, California, USA so I would like to get weather in my own bay area
if that's possible??

This pertains to the named icons which I like to use the text under the
icons.  Is there a way to rename the icons??  My god they put suck long
names on these icons it's just too much.  Like "Subscribe to Newsgroups"
could easily be shortened up to "Subscribe", "Stop Network" to simply
"Stop" is pretty self explainetory and on and on.  If this is possible can
you direct me to WHERE and HOW I would go about doing this?? 

Kontacts still does not import CVS address books right or Windows writes
them wrong, not sure which.  Luckily Mozilla (Windows) imports Outlook
Expresses .WAB address books and exports it to an importational .ldif. I
know that Kontact will import "V" cards from Outlook Express but 200
addresses, one at a time is just to much time.  So hopefully the folks that
area coding this wonderful address book will figure out a way to import
the .wab address book and save those of us that are slowly migrating from
Windows a little time.

Thank god I'm a die hard Mozilla fan on both sides of the fence, makes some
of this pretty easy!! :-)

Richard ;-)~

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