You are essentially building a panoramic - or stitching photos together. You 
can take a look at:

It shouldn't be too hard to do what you want manually as well. 
1. Open A.jpg
2. Image->Canvas Size (increase canvas size in whatever dimension needed)
3. Layer->Layer to Image Size (your A.jpg layer is now the same size as the 
3B - or create a new layer after increasing canvas size, then paste into the 
     new layer (in step 5).
4. Open B.jpg, Select All (Ctrl-A), Edit->Copy (Ctrl-C)
5. Move to A.jpg image, paste (Ctrl-V).
6. Move B.jpg layer around (name it so it remains a separate layer rather than
   merging down when you anchor it). You might want to decrease opacity to 50%
   so you can line up with A.jpg.

>>>>> On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, "mbh" == mbh wrote:

  mbh> I have four seperate images of a map which has been scanned in four
  mbh> sections.  I now want to join the four images together in digital form
  mbh> to reproduce the original map in its entirity.
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