I'm using Gimp under Win32 and very satisfied with it
( its UI concept appeals to me very much unlike Win MDI,
it has better painting speed & precision compared to other gfx apps,
and it's not a bloat while having lots of options & plugins to play with ).

Here's some questions I have.

 I do a lot of simple painting, and I miss the option to easily
 resize any brush to different sizes,
 I wonder if this function is going to be implemented.

 Is there a way to get Adobe OpenType (.otf) fonts
 such as "Myriad Pro" family work in Gimp?

 IMO the most appealing option Photoshop has
 is "Layer Styles" manipulations, Fireworks MX also introduced
 somewhat similar "Live Effects", is Gimp going in this direction?

 Could you please explain how to customize keyboard shortcuts in Gimp-2
 ( I want to zoom in with "=", like in Gimp 1.2.5, instead of "Shift"+"=" )

 Thank you.
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