[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-04-27 at 2002.00 +0300):
>   I do a lot of simple painting, and I miss the option to easily
>   resize any brush to different sizes,
>   I wonder if this function is going to be implemented.

Check bugzilla, there are some wish-level reports about improving
brush system.
>   Is there a way to get Adobe OpenType (.otf) fonts
>   such as "Myriad Pro" family work in Gimp?

That is a freetype work, check it, I think it supports them.

>   IMO the most appealing option Photoshop has
>   is "Layer Styles" manipulations, Fireworks MX also introduced
>   somewhat similar "Live Effects", is Gimp going in this direction?

Again, reported as wish bug.

>   Could you please explain how to customize keyboard shortcuts in Gimp-2
>   ( I want to zoom in with "=", like in Gimp 1.2.5, instead of "Shift"+"=" )

You have to enable it in preferences, in Interface section. Keep it on
if you do it a lot (assign to different filters every day) or off if
just to change some things a single time.

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