david <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> *** Check for libgimpprint failed. You can download it from
> *** http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/ or you can build without it by
> passing
> *** --disable-print to configure (but you won't be able to print then).
> I have the correct gimpprint installed.  But is not recognised.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] david]$ rpm -qa | grep gimp
> gimp-1.2.5-10mdk
> libgimp1.2_1-devel-1.2.5-10mdk
> libgimp1.2-1.2.5-10mdk
> libgimp1.2_1-1.2.5-10mdk
> xsane-gimp-0.92-1mdk
> gimpprint-4.2.6-14mdk
> libgimpprint1-4.2.6-14mdk

Looks like you are missing the libgimpprint development package. You
can't compile any code using the gimpprint library without having the
development package installed that contains the headers and the
gimpprint-config script.

> >Did you adjust the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable as
> >suggested in the configure output?
> I do not understand this.

Please read the pkg-config manpage then.

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