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Barton Bosch wrote:
First it looks like I need to update my GTK+ (2.2.1-4 installed). After I grabbed the newest GTK, GLib, Pango and ATK tar balls as well as GIMP 2.0.1, I realized that I don't know the procedure for updating an RPM with a program from source code.

Being honest, if you really want to build from source code, you're better off building from RedHat 9 SRPMs using rpmbuild. There are srpms for everything you need on http://xach.com/gimp/rpms/

> Third my system lists a GLib2 2.2.1 package.  Am I correct in assuming
> that this is the GLib referred to on the GIMP installation help page (as
> opposed to the glib 1.2.10-1 that is also installed on my system)?  Is
> this sufficiently new so as not to need updating for GIMP 2.0.1?

That's the one you need, although 2.2.1 might be missing some fixes we rely on. You do need gtk+ >= 2.2.2 though, and we reccommend >= 2.2.4 since there are a number of important bug fixes in there. Both of those should build OK against glib 2.2.1, though.


Dave Neary

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