On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 12:42:05AM -0400, John Dietsch wrote:
> John, I don't know your precise setup but i am using my Epson scanner with
> Gimp 2 & Xsane. I submitted my setup and method yesterday with details.  
> Gimp 2 & Epson scanners. If you missed it, I'll send it to you direct.  
> John Dietsch
> On Wed, 5 May 2004, John Culleton wrote:
> > I went to the Xsane site, attempted to apply the Gimp 2.x 
> > patch, and moved Xsane to a directory where Gimp 2.0 can 
> > find it. However Gimp still gives me a message that Xsane 
> > does not have Gimp support compiled in. Now if the rest of 
> > the world has had success with this patch I will try the 
> > cycle all over again. But my instinct is that I should wait 
> > until the Xsane guy gets around to applying the patch to 
> > the CVS files or whatever so I don't have to fool with it. 
> > Patches are not my best friend.
> > 
> > So--- anyone having success with incorporating Xsane into 
> > Gimp 2.x as a plugin? Sven wrote one of the patches so he 
> > is probably a success story. Anyone else?
> > 

The latest version of xsane (0.93) has the gimp-2.0 support


        - jean-Luc

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