Dear Gimpers,

Since Steve already showed the way, I'll just mention that I was used to Photoshop's Save for Web feature when I started using Gimp. These days, I actually prefer the Gimp method. I'm sure its faster. But there is more: With the Gimp, you can access any window that you might want to for reference, even with the Save as window open. Try that with Photoshop! Just one of the ways that the Gimp is different :-) The more I use both of these excellent but dissimilar programs, the more I feel that direct comparisons between them are futile. How do you compare a slick but powerful luxury sedan to a rough and tough, go anywhere 4x4? (I think that would be a truck in the States?) I'll leave you to work out the analogy ;-)

As an off-topic aside: Loved you Clarens photo's on your site, Alf. Especially "DSCF1546.JPG". It's been awhile since I've been there :-)



Alf C Stockton wrote:

I cannot find a way in Gimp 2.0.1 to decrease the file size of an image so that
I can load it as a background in an HTML file and have acceptable load times.

Apparently this can be done in Photoshop under File and save as web page(or
similar).Not being a Photoshop or Windows user I am going on hearsay.

South Africa does not have broadband and making a user spend large amounts of
time downloading is not good and if I can I would like to avoid same but the
background does look pretty so I would like to incorporate it on the page I am

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


Alf Stockton

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