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> Dear Gimpers,
> ....snip
> ....snip end
> As an off-topic aside: Loved you Clarens photo's on your site, Alf.
> Especially "DSCF1546.JPG". It's been awhile since I've been there :-)
Glad that you liked it & thanks for the Gimp tip. I preferred the Sani Pass trip
but as the acehole who organised the trip rushed us up and down the pass as
though it was a rally I managed to miss getting some good images. When life
settles down, hopefully in the near future, I will organise my own trip. BTW Go
to the 4x4 images on my web to see my little 4x4 at the top of the pass with
it's Linux logo proudly displayed. This image BTW also appeared in the Linux
BTW2 All images on my webpages have received the benefit of Gimp at one stage or
another, mainly to cut out background and only leave the "interesting" part of
the image.


Alf Stockton    www.stockton.co.za

"The human brain is like an enormous fish -- it is flat and slimy and
has gills through which it can see."
                -- Monty Python
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