>Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 22:18:58 -0700
>From: Richard McCormick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [Gimp-user] Re: Re: GIMP 2.0 for Mandrake 10?
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>Milan Knizek wrote:
>>>>1) Set up your urpmi using http://www.urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php
>>>>2) install gimp2 using rpmdrake or urpmi
>>> Hi Helge,
>>> I'm sorry I have no idea what I'm supposed to do here.
>> Hi Richard,
>> you can either use rpmdrake (section Media manager - Add new - it is
>> selfexplanatory; then go to Install and try to look the gimp2 package)
>> or go to console - and do the same thing using urpmi - it is the best to
>> read "man urpmi". You will need to add new media and then install.
>> I have not checked whether gimp2 is available at the location above,
>> however, this is a general way how to work with urpmi.
>> Milan
>Thanks for the info Milan but NO I do not know how to set up RPMDrake or
>work from a console to that extent, I primarilly work from WinXP Pro.  
>I did download the main GIMP 2.01 tar.gz and in the install notes it says
>there are about 7 other files I need to download and install the following
>1. You need to have installed a recent version of pkg-config available
>     from http://www.freedesktop.org/software/pkgconfig/.  
>  2. You need to have installed GTK+ version 2.2.2 or better. Do not
>     try to use an older GTK+ version (1.2.x), it will not work.
>     GTK+-2.2 itself needs recent versions of GLib, Pango and ATK.
>     Sources for these can be grabbed from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/.
>     GTK+-2.x and friends can be installed side by side with GTK+-1.2.
>  3. We require PangoFT2, a Pango backend that uses FreeType2. Make sure 
>     you have FreeType2 and fontconfig installed before you compile Pango.
>     FreeType2 can be downloaded from http://www.freetype.org/.
>     Fontconfig from http://x2.freedesktop.org/software/fontconfig.
>  4. We use libart2. Grab the module libart_lgpl out of GNOME CVS or
>     fetch the tarball from
>     ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/libart_lgpl/
>  5. You may want to install other third party libraries or programs that
>     are needed for some of the available plugins. We recommend to check
>     that the following libraries are installed: libpng, libjpeg,
>     libtiff, gimp-print (4.2.x), gtkhtml-2, libmng, librsvg, libwmf.
>That's just nuts.  I guess I will have to wait untill someone actually takes
>the time to build an RPM for Mandrake, I just don't have the sort of
>It's bad enough that Linux doesn't have much to offer in the way of graphic
>apps that can do high end professional work but to have one of the only
>ones so hard to 'put together' I can't deal with that right now.  
>I'm impressed with Mandrake 10 so far but graphics are one of the main
>things I do on a computer, so I guess it's back to Windows, not really
>complaining, I just don't get too upset much any more.  Maybe in another 5
>or 10 years this OS will win me over but in the mean time I have work to
>do, over in Windows!
>Thanks for the time you took to try to explain things to me, minimally but
>that's OK.  I've wasted too many nights pulling out my hair over this
>stuff.  I'm an artist not techie person.  If I can't install a workable
>version of a needed piece of software without all this extra work then it's
>nice to know I have choices on another plateform. 
>Richard ;-)
>---Wolff On The Prowl---


Please don't give up. A few years ago, I was in the same boat you are now in. I wasn't 
a 'Linux Master' or even comfortable with using certain Linux tools, but after a 
while, I caught on, and have never looked back. I use Linux for artwork every day, and 
I also use Windows XP and Mac OS X. Because of client issues, I have to be able to 
handle at the very least Windows and Mac, but I have forced myself into the habit of 
using Linux, and I love it! GIMP is incredible on Linux (I use SuSE 9).

Hang in there!

Mitch Featherston
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