That does help. Thanks.

Bill Lee wrote:
Why not just use the SAME layer?

I have a collection of buttons with widely varying text and the same background, frame, etc. I created the background once in its own layer and then created as many text layers as needed. To actually create the button, I select the background layer and the appropriate text layer and save to a gif (whatever) file as the appropriate button name. The whole schmeer is saved as a gimp xcf file so I can always go back later and add more text and create more buttons as needed

In your case, create the background and the roll-over background in separate layers. Then the text in a third. To create the button, make only the background and the text active, save to a gif. Then make only the roll-over background and the text active and save that, too.

If the text needs to be changed for the rollover (e.g., color, etc.), you could make a copy of the text layer and simply do some color substitution.

Hope that helps. It works well for me.


Bill Lee

Andrew Gaffney wrote:

I'm using gimp-2.0 to create a few graphical buttons with centered text. Each button will have a regular image and a "rollover" image. I need to position the text layer in precisely the same spot on each pair of images, so the text doesn't move when it switches from the normal image to the "rollover" image on the site I'm building. How can I position a layer to the pixel?

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