Judy Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a couple  of questions about differences in 2.0
> 1. When selecting a layer in the layer dialog, the bar is blue. But
> the blue bar disappers in the layer dialog when you make the image
> active again. What in the layer dialog then indicates the active
> layer? Or do I just know because of the border in the image?

Your GTK+ theme is severily broken. Of course the active item in the
list view is supposed to be visible when the window is unfocused.
Please choose a different theme for gtk+2 applications.
> 2.When adding guidelines, they cannot be moved by using the move
> tool and having it change to a hand. Any way to move them?

Check the move tool options. You probably don't have "Pick a Layer or
Guide to Move" selected.

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