I am forwarding this mail to gimp-user because there hasn't been any
response on the gimp-developer mailing-list. Perhaps I can reach a
potential contributor here or at least get some user feedback...

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IMO it's about time to try to clean up the preferences dialog once
more. Here are a couple of ideas on how the dialog could be improved:

- I'd like to see the "Interface" group be removed. That would flatten
  the hierarchy which is kind of arbitrary at the moment.

- The theme chooser should be moved to a separate page, the Interface
  page is rather crowded.

- Input device configuration should either be redone or moved to
  another page. Having it on a page of it's own doesn't make too much

- The items on the session management page could IMO be moved to other

- Perhaps we should show the dialog with the Folders section
  collapsed. That would make the dialog smaller and less frightening.

- We could IMHO remove a couple of options. They could stay to be
  configurable via gimprc but we don't necessarily need a GUI for all
  of these. Possible candidates for removal are IMO:

    - undo-preview-size
    - info-window-per-display
    - tearoff-menus
    - last-opened-size
    - use-help
    - perfect-mouse
    - cursor-updating
    - min-colors
    - install-colormap
    - stingy-memory-use
    - trust-dirty-flag
    - restore-session
    - restore-accels

These changes are all rather easy to do so this is a nice job for a
fresh contributor who isn't afraid to learn some gtk+ and gimp basics.
Please do also not understand the above as a list of instructions.
This is just how I would address the problem. If you pick up the job
then it's up to you to decide how it is done in detail.


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