On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 11:15:32PM -0400, BandiPat wrote:
> On Monday 07 June 2004 06:58 pm, Robert Krueger wrote:
> [...]
> > [...] 
> I don't know how much you have been mucking around with your setup, but 
> it sounds as if you might have gotten things wanky.  You could always 
> do a repair from your SuSE discs, to put things back or you could 
> update to 9.1 and get Gimp 2.x in the process.  ;o)
heh, wanky.

> You can also download the Gnome files from their ftp for 9.0 and 
> probably settle things down too, if you are wanting to compile the 
> newer version.  One other thing, I believe in one of the mails, someone 
> mentioned glibc.  glibc is one of those things one should not mess with 
> on their setup as it provides the base for all Linux.  It is extremely 
> fragile and updating or changing things are a bad idea.  That's not to 
> say one can't do it, but due to the nature of it's existence, it's 
> recommended strongly not too!
well, i think this is kde giving you problems.

if you are using the g* software, glib is hardly changing.  i got bored
with updating it from cvs.

i think that you are confusing glib with kde and glib working together
on a display.

i also consider you a very valuable gimp resource as you got gimp to
work with kde and continue to.

but glib has been "done" for a long time.  the changes have been merely
cosmetic.  it is c, not wanky for a long time now.


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