Jogchum Reitsma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a problem in simply drawing a line in an existing .png-file...
> I have loaded the file (a map of a village in .png-format), and I have
> been able to add two lines of text to it with the text-tool. This tool
> created two extra layers.
> I also want to add some straight lines to the image with the 'sharp
> pencil'-tool, but I seem unable to do so. I select the tool , and the
> coursor shape appears correct in the drawing. But when I try to really
> draw a line by pressing the left button of my mouse, nothing happens
> (except the cursor disappearing while I press the mouse button). If I
> press the Shift-button while pressing the left mouse button, I see a
> line between the two points, as expected, but as soon as I releive the
> mouse button the line disappears.
> I have added a special layer for it, but that doesn't help too. I've
> selected the whole image on the original layer, but also nothing. I
> tried several other thing, nothing.

You are most probably trying to draw on an empty layer and have the
"Keep Transparency" toggle checked in the Layers dialog.

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