cedric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've just read a SVEN note (on gimp-dev) about Color Management Gimp
> support. Many things about DTP options (color separation, soft-proof,
> embed profile) which are very interesting but not many about CMYK
> native support (i.e. four channels).

The thread you read was about changes that we could do for GIMP 2.2.
We are not going to add support for CMYK image data in the near
future so that's why it wasn't mentioned.
> If soft-proof is intended to be supported, it would be great to work
> on the color selector dialog.

The fact that at least monitor color correction needs to be applied to
previews and color selections has been mentioned already.

> LittleCMS is very good, but is written with Qt. I guess it will hardly
> be available on Windows.

Huh? lcms doesn't use Qt, what are you talking?

> Actually, all this is not very clear : diplay filter there, channels
> there, and separate this way, who would it be 'packaged' ?
> Does anyone has an opinion on all this ?

Well, if I would have understood your mail, I would probably have an
opinion. But I am not sure if I've been able to follow you. I failed
to understand what you are actually trying to tell us (except that you
are confused).

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