Hi all.

I am currently working on some tweaks to the generated brushes (the
brushes you can configure interactively). In Gimp CVS you can
generate brushes like these:

Note, that currently the new functionality does not affect existing
generated brushes. However, when I fiddeled with this stuff I got the
impression, that the hardness-parameter should be a bit more extendable
to the soft side of the brush - IMHO hardness 0.0 is not yet soft

I have a patch sitting here, that makes more soft brushes possible, but
since this patch still maps the range from 0 to 1 the hardness for
existing generated brushes would effectively be reduced, i.e. existing
brushes will look softer when loaded with the next release of the GIMP.

Do you think this is acceptable? Note that the current hardness could
be reached easily by dragging the slider a bit upwards again.

Do you have lots of generated brushes sitting on your harddisk (look for
files ending in ".vbr" in ~/.gimp-2.0/brushes/ )? Would you be upset
if they'd change their look a little?


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