Nathan Carl Summers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Is it possible to redo your logic so that the the old hardness scale is
> used, but it's possible to have negative hardness?

I thought about this and I don't like it. Although technically possible
it IMHO doesn't make sense because a "Hardness" of -0.5 doesn't map to
something easily understood.

> Alternatively, we could use a fileformat versioning system to keep
> backwards compatibilty.

Right now the code saves backwards compatible brushes when the
elliptical shape is selected and the Number of spikes is 2.
When we abandon this, this is possible.

The question is: Is it worth it? I asked my original question to get a
feel for the number of generated brushes out there that'd need to be
changed. Jimmac told me on IRC that he has *one* generated brush he
changes on the fly. For him the change in the hardness scale wouldn't
pose a problem at all. I suspect that this is true for most users of
generated brushes out there.

I'd like to avoid as much conversion crud as possible (although it might
not be that hard if we abandon backwards compatibility as mentioned

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