Hi Carol,

Carol Spears wrote:
> does anyone know if photoshop has a tooltip explaining the reason they
> need the same size layer everywhere?

Actually, photoshop just keeps layers the size they need to be to
hold their contents. If you draw over the edge of a layer, it
will grow to accommodate what you draw. I'm not sure, however, if
it shrinks the layer when you erase things.

There is even a bug open against the GIMP for this functionality,
which would be quite nice. It would certainly lower the learning
curve for beginners. "Why is nothing happenning when I draw?"
must be one of the most common questions from a beginner who just
happened to create a new layer.

> one thing that i do not understand is the need for floating layers.  i
> dont think that this term is being used properly here.  is there any
> reason that there needs to be the extra step to make pasting directly to
> an existing layer easier?

I don't think so. I believe there is (or was) a bug about that
too. IMHO, when you paste, you should paste above the active
layer, into a new layer, and be done with it. People can then
move the layer & merge down if they really want to, but as you
say, once people discover layers they rarely anchor to the
original layer directly.


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