On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 08:13:08PM -0700, Gail wrote:
> Thank you, I do have all of these, they came up through a search in apt-get.  
> I asked the question because I have noticed that there are some folks that 
> keep apt-get repositories to help folks like me out.
first thing is, i was confused. debian sid == debian unstable, sorry.

it is easier just to use gimptool to install plug-ins.  to get the
gimptool you need to have the developer version of libgimp installed
"libgimp2.0-dev" is what debian calls it.  to use gimptool, typing
"gimptool --help" is the easiest thing, so i never committed the typing
sequence into my memory.

actually, there was talk about having gimptool work like apt ....

also, gimp is built by people who run debian, so if you should ever
think it to be fun or interesting to build your own gimp, it should be
no problem for you.  actually there is one cool reason, adding the color
tools back into the toolbox.  it is an easy hack and even if the code
has changed since i wrote this page, you can easily search for the line
and follow these instructions:
you can have a cooler gimp than anyone getting binaries from their

it has been more fun for me to learn to use gimp than learn how to use
debian, although, learning debian was not bad.

did i answer your question?


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