Niels van Bakel wrote:
> How do you increase the line thickness of an object in an eps file? I
> use the select tool to get the object I want to edit. I can use grow and
> than fill the enlarged object. Is there a better way to do this? 

The eps format is not really suitable for this sort of thing:  it
was designed as an output format for a finished product, not as a
format for things that would be modified in the future.  It can,
however, be done.  An eps file is an ascii file, and can be edited
in any text editor.  If you are lucky, somewhere in the file there
is a line that looks like

5 setlinewidth

and you can change the line width by editing that line.  If you're
not lucky, the line width is set by some fancy unreadable macro
defined in the header, and modifying it will be a real pain.  It
all depends on what program generated the file.

  -- Bill

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