On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 01:20:52PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > many of the things that gimp does, it does in more steps than some of
> > the other apps.  each step has different options.  for instance, it
> > seems that photoshop has these new layer effects.  for gimp users, this
> > has always been available in a two step process in which you add a new
> > layer and then change its mode.  in someways, it should be more natural
> > as you have all the options available to you at each step of the way.
> Well, there isn't really an equivalent to layer effects in GIMP, no
> matter how many steps you take. Unless you are willing to redo all
> your steps whenever the content affected by the effect changes.
i really dont know what it does.  i have only seen it used a few times
and each use, i could get the same effect by adding a layer and changing
the mode of the layer.  so whatever crap is involved that makes it
different than this is probably just crap and should not have even been

i was trying to discuss "different approach" politely.


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