On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 01:51:31PM +0000, Alf C Stockton wrote:
> May I suggest that this argument among developers be taken somewhere else 
> rather than on the GIMP user email list ?
i dont think that the financial donations came from the developer list.

i think it is important to this group to see what their donations get

if there is not a problem with what luis's reasons for the current
design of the gimp tool kit, then i should be given the same respect
when i take this reason to the developers.  that already did not happen.

how do you suggest i inform the people making donations for gimp
developers to meet with gtk developers?

i believed that i was at a developer meeting.  when i took the reasons i
was given by the Ximian funded person to those developers, they -- well
-- were as rude as they are now.  i dont blame them.  i suspected that
it was a crappy answer.

what surprises me now is how what used to be my heros for gpl now worry
that i might offend the guy with the 15 million in venture capital
(which is probably gone now) who thinks that using microsoft designed
software will help the free software movement.

we did not spend the volunteers money on kegs of very expensive lambic.
we sent some industrious volunteers to a developer meeting.

i need to explain to the people who made the donations what happened to
me there.  i did not think i would also be exposing the gimp developers
to be similarly minded, but it is good to know.

did you donate some money for gimp development, btw?  you can.  and as
you can see, i am very energentic to make sure that these donations are
not abused by say, Novell ....


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