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I must respectfully disagree, as a GIMP user, I am most definitely
interested in the reason for the change.  It may be that I am a
developer as well, that prompts me to want to know, but the bottom
line is, any time a change is made that seems to be less intuitive
(to me), I'm going to wonder and inquire why the change was made.

Well, the answer has been given here multiple times already. You did
read the relevant threads that have been linked from this thread as
well as the design spec that I mentioned yesterday? The answer is in

Yes, I did and I do understand the reasoning. I was addressing your statement that:

'It doesn't change the point
though that whatever answer was given to whatever GIMP developer about
the rationales of the design of the new file chooser widget is not a
question that is interesting to our users,'

Which I disagreed with. Unfortunately in your followup, you neglected to have it as a part of your response.

So much for the reasoning behind the design of the GtkFileChooser.

I appreciate you restating the reasoning, but that was not the issue in the post you responded.

I know we have beat this to death, but all I'm trying to say is that I believe Carol had a valid question which was not properly, professionally answered. Since I don't use the 2.1 series, I wouldn't see the change until it shows up in 2.2, thus I think it's a good thing that she brought it up. I try to stay on top of these kind of issues, but GIMP is not a tool I use terribly often.

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