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Andreas Waechter wrote:
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> >>   It
> >>   is thus not possible to install this development version into the
> >>   same prefix with GIMP 2.0.
> What does "prefix" mean?
> Does it mean "file system folder"?
> Then why call it "prefix"?

The GIMP, like many programs, installs things in lots of folders.
The binary goes in bin, but libraries go in lib, the headers go
in include, the docs go somewhere in share, as do all the other
data files. 

The prefix is the directory which is prefixed to each of these. A
prefix of /usr means that gimp-2.1 the binary ends up in
/usr/bin, a prefix of /opt/gimp-dev means it'll be in

The configure script has a number of very common arguments it can
take, and one of these is "--prefix=[directory]". I suggest that
you run configure --help to see the full list of supported
options - although in the GIMP that will be quite long. There are
certainly things in there you didn't know about :)


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        Lyon, France
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