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So here's a question which will demonstrate my ignorance. I've got some digital photos I took that, when opened with GIMP are identified as being 75dpi x72dpi. I need images that are 300 dpi, so is it possible to convert the 75dpi image to 300 dpi?? I selected to scale the image and happened to notice that I can make this change at this point. Is this doing what I'm expecting?

open up one of the images in gimp and tell how many pixels each image has in its width and height.

okay, i am replying to my own posting, and there is some rule against this, i am fairly certain.

i would really like to know how many pixels you are working with.

Oops, I missed your post. Either I didn't get it or it's buried in my inbox. Sorry.. :(

These are 3 meg images, from a 3.2 megapixel camera. 2048x1536.

Found your previous posting, somehow ended up filed in a totally unrelated folder. Must have moved it accidentally. Now to figure out what I MEANT to move there....

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