Dear all
Sorry if I am asking on the wrong list, as this may not actually be a GIMP problem.

I am trying to make a menu for a DVD, and following instructions at
I made a background as .jpg, and two buttons as .png files - to show "highlighted" and "selected". No problems, and quite fun. Actually learnt something of Gimp layers, which I had been intending to do for months.

jpg is OK, but png's fail to load when I try to use spumux to multiplex the button .pngs with the background.

I tried to open the .pngs with kiconedit, and in konqueror, but no joy. They display fine with Mozilla.

System Mandrake 10.  I have tried saving from both Gimp 1.2 and 1.3

I can easily post the files if there is any need - nothing confidential in a couple of coloured rectangles.

Thanks for any help

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