I am wondering if it is worth opening a bug for this minor UI bug:

I have noticed that with 2.1.5 "open file" dialog (and at least also 2.1.4), the window is resized when the arrow-folding-widget (*) for file type (or is it for advanced options, I do not remember) is clicked/unfolded. This resize is fine. However when the options are folded back, the window does not resize back.
On the other hand, the behaviour in the "save as" dialog is different. When the options are folded, the window resizes back to its original dimension. So I suspect this is not supposed to be this way for the "open" dialog.

What's your opinion? Is it worth a bug report? Is there already one I have missed (I have not found any but...)?
I have the feeling that only crashes should be reported for 2.1.x.



PS: sorry if I am not clear :/

(*) sorry I do not know the name of this widget. It is an arrow pointing right that points down after being clicked, with new options added under the arrow. It looks like the tree view of the old MacOS finder. There is one in the "open file" dialog, one is the "new file" dialog and two in the "save as" dialog.

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