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> Once I have installed a lot of fonts (1000+) from the internet.  My
> problem is it's very hard to manage them in gimp. Not only the list
> box scrolls and refresehs slowly, but I can find fonts very hardly.
> I was thinking if it would be possible to group fonts in categories,
> so I can choose which group to browse. For example all the fancy
> fonts would be in category 'Fancy', so when I'm developing some
> images for a buisness website, I don't need to see them. But when
> developing gfx for games, I could quickly change to the category
> fancy.

This has been suggested before and might even become implemented one
day. For now I suggest you use the search capabilities of the
treeview. Press Ctrl-F (or Ctrl-S if you are using emacs keybindings
with GTK+) to enter search mode. In GIMP-2.1 there's also a font entry
with completion in the text tool options.

> Also I liked very much the font dialog in gimp 1.2, in 2.0 is it
> still available, and if yes, how and where?

No, it isn't. It has however been suggested that the fonts should be
grouped by family and again, this might even become implemented one
day. All these requests are in Bugzilla.

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