>> I was thinking if it would be possible to group fonts in categories,
>> so I can choose which group to browse. For example all the fancy
>> fonts would be in category 'Fancy', so when I'm developing some
>> images for a buisness website, I don't need to see them. But when
>> developing gfx for games, I could quickly change to the category
>> fancy.
>This has been suggested before and might even become implemented one
>day. For now I suggest you use the search capabilities of the

>> Also I liked very much the font dialog in gimp 1.2, in 2.0 is it
>> still available, and if yes, how and where?
>No, it isn't. It has however been suggested that the fonts should be
>grouped by family and again, this might even become implemented one
>day. All these requests are in Bugzilla.

So I should wait patienty till somebody implements it ?-)

Is there a way to write a font-selector plugin for gimp? So by using this
plugin people could have an alternative font selector?

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