MLF wrote:
> In future versions of GIMP, I'd love to see a filter or series of 
> filters, that would help the user (especially the beginner) to turn 
> digital photos into 'hand-drawn' images. I realize that with some 
> talent and experience, a good GIMP user can already do this, but I am 
> just thinking in terms of a feature that would strike a non-GIMP user, 
>and possibly make them want to at least try the software. Just a thought. 

That wouldn't be so hard to do, but here's the thing:  when such a tool
exists, however nicely it works, if it is used often then people come
to recognize its "signature", and it steadily comes to look less and less
interesting and more and more artificial.  That's pretty much what has
happened with the easy-to-use "artistic" filters in PhotoShop -- they
look like cheap fakes to most people nowadays.  I think in the long run
it is better to force people to use a little taste and creativity if 
they want to produce a hand-drawn appearance.

  -- Bill

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