Hi All

Just wanted to present a not-so-good result of
Photoshop's equivalent (Select/Modify/Contract) of the
Gimp's Selection/Shrink.  Here is the scenarioa:

When I use the elliptical selection marquee in Gimp to
draw a full circle, use blend tool to fill the circle
with a black-to-white diagonally-drawn linear
gradient, shrink the selection using Select/Shrink by
some pixels (say 8 or 10), fill the circle with a
white-to-black diagonally-drawn gradient (to create a
psuedo-button like appearance), it comes out neat in

The same operation using Photoshop 7 and CS8 using
Select/Modify/Contract and PS's elliptical selection
tool does not yield the desired effect (that Gimp does
perfectly well) and results in corners ( or pointed
bumps - I'm not so good at English!) on the filled
circular selection's circumference.  Try it yourself
and you'll see.

I do not want to start a PS-VS-Gimp debate - just
wanted to give you people a reference to let other
people compare Gimp's strengths.

Best regards



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