In GIMP 1.2 (or even 1.0, with which I started), it was easy to 
produce a beveled text effect: just insert text, leave it 
selected, and apply a starburst (spherical), 
foreground-to-background gradient. Only the text itself was 
selected, not the box around it.

In GIMP 2.0 (on Mandrakelinux 10.0, from RPM package 
gimp2_0-2.0.0-2mdk), I'm not finding it obvious how to do the 
same thing. The selection includes not only the text itself but 
the surrounding box, and the gradient likewise covers the entire 
box, which I don't want. Also, the yellow line around the box 
doesn't readily vanish when I want it to; in GIMP 1.2, selected 
text could be deselected like any other selection.

Are there some settings I can change to make GIMP 2.0 (otherwise 
a definite improvement over 1.2) work more like GIMP 1.2 in 
these respects? Sorry if this question has been asked before, 
and thanks in advance for any answers!

David McClamrock 

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