On Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 05:52:14PM +0200, Fernando Sancho wrote:
> I'm making a gimp-python scipt to create cross stitch patterns from an
> image. Reading list's archives i've founded this
> http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg01127.html
> I don't know if Carol has completed his idea. By now, i'm evaluating
> how much work can make gimp by itself.
the story of the counted cross stitch program is long and involves a few
lost websites and hard disks.

> The feature that i can't find in gimp is to map an image with a custom
> palette (DMC Floss colors). Gimp only allows me to convert from RGB to
> Indexed mode, but it doesn't allow to choose a custom pallete with
> more than 256 colours, and doesn't allow to choose the maximum number
> of colours.
one thing, the gimp palettes are just lists of numbers in a text file,
not an image.  so you can easily make up your own palette.

i had a pallete like this in which Jeff Trefftz improved upon.  the gimp
can use and displace palettes with any number of entries.  the indexing
dialog can only use palettes with 256 colors or less.  it is not gimp,
it is the laws of indexing.  i dont even think it is a copyright
problem, i think this is a math problem.

i just found a cross stitch script-fu online, but it was through a
moderated mail lists archives.  i have to look at it to see if i can
share it or not.

making your own script to do this is a great thing to learn to script
gimp with.  the first time i got gimp to use the pixelize filter from a
script was a neat feeling.  the problem with this script is that you
have to figure out how to choose the best color from the dmc palette.
if you ask for help, they will show you physics papers about color
spaces -- i dont suggest this.

i hope i answered your question,


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