Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* olivier ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-20-04 03:40]:

1- I have received an email from a person called John Shawger for whom the page works with XP + Firefox 1.0PR
2- It works with IE on windows XP


So I think Firefox is right not to interpret the frame content. It is a misconfiguration in the server .

I can confirm the "HTML tags" problem on the two computers here.

Are you contradicting yourself.  Works with Firefox on xp, doesn't
work with Firefox on xp.  Works for me with Firefox on SuSE 9.0 Linux.
Firefox is right not to work.

Somehow something is not kosher.

There is no contradiction. Just reread the messages separately and things will get clear. You seem to confuse my mails with mails of other people, since I never reported anything on a Suse.

Facts: HTML code appears as is for at least 3 computers for two persons (Malcolm Tredinnick and I). The corresponding code is sent as plain/text instead of text/html, which is wrong.



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