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Used to work with photoshop, for instance when i want to take
someone's hand in one picture and to put it in another one, i chose
my selection , copied it and pasted it into the second picture, and
then I could resize it [bigger or smaller], transform it to ajust it
to my wills.
How can i do it with gimp? The resize , transform tool is for the
whole layer and not for the selection itself..I suppose i am missing

I did this in 2.0.5 (for Windows):

Opened two images. Selected something from first image. Edit|Copy. In second image, Edit|Paste. That creates a pasted layer. Select the Scale tool (or Shift-T). You should be able to drag the handles around the pasted layer to scale it. You may have to ensure the "Scale Options" has "Transform Layer" selected in the "Affect:" selection.

Bob Long

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