On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 05:39:05PM -0400, David A Iacobellis wrote:
> I just upgraded to Gimp 2.0.5.  Many of the photos I take with my digital
> camera are taken with the camera held vertically.  I was told by this mailing
> list that starting with Gimp 2.0.4 the image would be automatically rotated
> according to the exif data.  
you learned this information on this list?

to the best of my knowledge, gimp still does not use exif information.
while it is perhaps not the best software to introduce a newbie to
jpegtran is a commandline doey that will do that for you.  although,
maybe after the newbie sees the commandline work, it will make other
"new things" easier to digest, i dunno.

from what i can see, the developers have not done this because right now
there is no way for gimp to do this to jpegs in a lossless fashion.
and, i might be wrong about this -- i just read things here and there
and put that idea together myself.

and really, it is too bad that the cameras dont handle png's.  at least
mine doesnt.  and when i went to make prints, the kiosk print making
machine didnt read png either.

anyways, good luck what ever you end up doing,


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